New enrollment

The process to enroll you as a user is as follows:

  • Send an email to with your name and the email address you use. 
  • This email address must be different than any Epiphany member already enrolled.
  • The administrator will check with Epiphany's member rolls
  • The administrator will then send you an invitation email
  • That email will read substantially like this:

Dear Sally,

You have been invited to set up an account for the website of Epiphany Lutheran Church.
If you can't click the above link, copy and paste this address in your browser's address bar (

Accept invitation

If you don't want to accept the invitation, just ignore this email.
Your account won't be created until you access the link above and set your password.

                              (end of email)

  • DON'T click on the links to the website.  If you are ready to enroll, click on "Accept Invitation"
  • That link will open a page where you will be allowed to enter an optional user name (your email address is the default).
  • You will then be asked for the password you want to use.  Please make it a "strong" password.
  • Your password will be case sensitive.

You will then be on the EpiphanyOnline website and be a MY ELC enrollee.