Arrowhead-Inglemoor Preschool



Arrowhead Inglemoor Preschool is a ministry of Epiphany Lutheran Church serving our members and the community with quality early childhood education for children ages three, four and five. Our preschool has been housed at Epiphany for almost 50 years!

Class sizes remain small at a ratio of 10 children to one teacher per class. An aide is available to assist wherever they are needed.

You are invited to call the preschool office (425)488-9800 or e-mail the director, Janis Armfield, at to make an appointment to visit our school.

You are also invited to visit us on Facebook at


Our goal is to provide loving guidance in the lives of young children as they grow...

  • Socially
  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

We strive to make your child's first school experience a pleasant and memorable one!


Our teachers are characterized by their commitment to and love for children. Their goal is to provide a loving Christian environment where children know they are special and safe.                      



2023/2024 - Tuesday / Thursday 3’s Class

Tuesday/Thursday 3’s program - The hours are 9:15-11:45 Children need to have turned three by August 31. Children should be potty trained.

Tuition - $280                 Annual Fee - $175 due at orientation in September

2023/2024 - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday Pre-K Class

Pre-K Class – The hours are 9:15-11:45. Children need to have turned four by August 31.

Tuition - $380                 Annual Fee - $200 due at orientation in September

2023/2024 - Monday thru Thursday 5's Class

5’s Class – Limited to 15 students.  This class will be self-contained and held in the church building.  Class will be held Monday through Thursday. The hours are 9:15-11:45. Children need to have turned five by August 31.      

Tuition - $480                 Annual Fee - $225 due at orientation in September

Extended Care

We offer extended care for children enrolled in the TWTh Pre-K or 5’s class on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. This is for children who have turned four no later than August 31, 2023 and are enrolled in TWTh Pre-K or 5’s Class. This would be contracted along with your tuition. Children bring their own lunch. 

Extended Care - cost $275.00 per month




Please click here for AIPS Brochure.

Please click here to view the Parent Handbook for more information about our preschool.

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Registration Fee: $125 Please click here to access the 2023-24 Registration Application

and Certificate of Immunization.




Our Preschool Day Activities

The Art Room

In the Art Room we learn to paint with brushes, marbles, cookie cutters and even our fingers! We learn proper use of glue, markers, scissors, stencils, stamps, and a variety of other materials. Some of what we do is experiential...such as using different kinds of paint, play dough and clay. We like to enjoy a media in terms of what it can do, what it smells like or what it feels like. We believe that the process of working with a material is more important than the product that is made. We love to do activities that develop the child’s creativity and imagination. Some activities involve listening and following directions as we use art materials. Often our “projects” enhance vocabulary and awareness as we introduce colors, numbers, shapes, and letters. During “free choice”, the children are involved in making choices, sharing, and cooperating. Our large “rice table” engages their senses and teaches basis concepts related to science and math such as measuring and pouring. 


The Story Room

In the Story Room we learn to listen, sit still (for short periods of time, of course!), and learn new vocabulary and information connected to the topic of discussion. We learn to take turns talking, to cooperate and be considerate of the needs of others. Our block area has unit blocks and accessories to learn spatial concepts and pre-math skills. During free choice we have manipulative toys and activities to help develop the small muscles needed for future writing. Our cognitive and fine motor skills are exercised with puzzles, games, small toys and Legos. We also enjoy looking at books and having them read to us. With our Pre-K children, we introduce a new letter each week with an emphasis on its” phonetic sound and how to “say” the letter in Sign Language. We teach and incorporate American Sign Language into our lessons and music. Skill sheets are available to Pre-K children who are interested in doing worksheets.


The Play Room

Play stretches the attention span and imagination. It builds vocabulary and challenges the child to organize ideas, to think, and share. In the Play Room we have the use of a wide variety of playthings: building with blocks, play house or grocery store, cars and trucks, dress up clothes, dolls and doll houses, pretend telephones and computers, Fisher Price toys, matchbox cars, hammers and tools! We also enjoy group activities such as circle games, dancing and moving to music. We like to climb on the indoor climber, run an obstacle course, play with the parachute and jump on the trampolines! Weather permitting, we play outside on the playground, play with side walk chalk, shoot baskets and even ride bikes! Play time is when we build the language and social skills involved in making friends and settling disputes. At the same time we are building our large muscles and coordination.



Music is a very important part of our program. Music is the language of children

It is used for lining up, transitions, clean up time, teaching concepts and for pure enjoyment. We always end our preschool day with a fifteen minute music session together in the Play Room.